Permanent Impairment: Principles


Topic and learning objectives are:

Apportionment and duplication:

  • Understand the meanings of attributable, apportionment, duplication in the IA context.
  • Be able to consider apportionment in accordance with the Handbook and apply apportionment correctly to an Impairment rating.

Brain and nerves (Ch 4 and Ch 3 of Guidelines) and Range-finding:

  • Be able to rate brain and cranial / peripheral nerve impairment accurately using the methodology in Ch 4 AMA Guides and use the Brain worksheet in the ACC User Handbook.
  • Understand the methods to identify the correct rating within a ‘range’.

Impairment rating and pain:

  • Be able to determine when and how ‘pain’ can be rated using the Handbook and the AMA Guides Ch 4 and Ch 15, and when Ch 14 is appropriate (not physical injuries), and be able to accurately assign a rating within a ‘range’.

Respiratory and cardiovascular (Ch 5 and 6 of Guidelines):

  • Understand basic respiratory function values FEV1, FVC, DCO and be able to apply the correct rating methodology for respiratory impairment.
  • Apply the correct rating methodology to primary and secondary lung cancers.

Skin and scarring:

  • Understand how skin and scar impairment is rated and be able to apply the correct rating methodology.

Impairment rating for treatment injury or cancer:

  • Be able to differentiate what impairment is covered in ‘treatment injury’ claims and how to rate it.
  • Be able to apply a correct impairment rating to ‘cancer’ of any organ system based on the covered injury.



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