RNZCUC 15: Academic integrity


Academic integrity in the context of the RNZCUC Fellowship training programme

The Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care physicians belongs to a group of professional medical colleges recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

The College also has a growing international presence with members in Australia and Europe, and in 2017 with the establishment of an Australian faculty.

During your training towards your Fellowship and beyond, you will be ecouraged to:

  • foster and preserve scholarly values
  • support the search for truth and curiosity-led investigation
  • maintain intellectual integrity
  • encourage critical appraisal
  • nurture these values in students under your care.

As a RNZCUC trainee, you are a member of a distinguished professional community. It is important that your understand that membership involves achieving a high level of academic integrity during your training, when teaching and during clinical practice.

Academic integrity is more than "not cheating". While it is not acceptable to claim that something is your work when it is not, professional qualification courses require that you acknowledge all sources according to the referencing requirements preferred by the RNZCUC (see section Citing and Referencing). It’s in everybody’s interests for you to get this right – never be afraid to ask if you’re unsure. Help can be obtained from colleagues, the library or online.

Students enrolled in the RNZCUC fellowship training programme will complete this online course which introduces the concepts of academic literacy, illustrating how they apply to different types of study.

Academic integrity is ultimately your responsibility. If you submit material for assessment that isn’t your own you are not only missing out on the opportunity to benefit from the RNZCUC course but you are also disrespecting your fellow students and letting down your professional body.

Penalties may apply even if you didn’t know that what you were doing was wrong, so it is very important that you take advantage of all the resources available to make sure you understand how to work with full academic integrity. The penalties are much stiffer if you cheat deliberately.

There is a considerable element of trust with the submission of academic work. However, the RNZCUC uses Turnitin to check submitted work for plagiarism because of the considerable risk of harm to the credibility of the College when academic integrity is breached and because of the volume of on-line information, Please read the Turnitin FAQs

Learning outcomes

This course is designed to increase:

  • your knowledge of academic integrity
  • your awareness of professional rules relating to academic conduct
  • your awareness of instances and consequences of academic misconduct.

You will already have skills in academic writing earned during your degree so this programme will serve to strengthen those skills and refresh your memory about what is expected.

The online modules are listed below:

Urgent Care Course (UCC)

In addition to these online e-learning modules the UCC includes:

  • Four practical courses:
    • Paediatric Advanced Life Support
    • Practical Skills Weekend
    • Trauma Day
    • Communications Day
  • Clinical notes audit
  • Patient satisfaction survey
  • 6 assignments
  • UCPEX 
  • Annual accreditation requirements

For further information please refer to RNZCUC accreditation manual.


This content has been developed by Dr John Kennelly, Senior lecturer, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, School of Population Health.

The material is presented by the Goodfellow Unit (GFU), an accredited continuing medical education/ continuing professional development (CME/CPD) provider for the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and functions under a tripartite agreement between the Goodfellow Foundation, the College and the University of Auckland. The Unit is located within the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, and within the School of Population Health, one of the five Schools within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.


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