Tapuaki: Pacific Pregnancy and Parenting Education

Estimated Duration: 
1 hour

Tapuaki (Pacific Pregnancy & Parenting Education) aims to educate health professionals so they can provide pregnancy and parenting education for Pacific families.  It was developed with the aim of empowering Pacific pregnant women, fathers and their famiies to make informed decisions about their health, and that of their unborn baby.

This course is aimed at childbirth educators. A childbirth educator is someone qualified to teach child birth education in New Zealand. It is also suitable for midwives and other health professionals interested in delivering pregnancy and parenting education to Pacific families.

Course Objectives

This one hour module is designed to help develop an understanding of the importance of Pacific cultural beliefs and practices (including Pacific models of health) in influencing pregnancy care and parenting.

The aim of this online course is:

  • Explaining fundamental concepts and knowledge that underpin the training session.
  • Getting you to think about (reflect on) on your own Pacific experiences.


The content has been developed by TAHA Maternal and Child Health Services, with the Ministry of Health, Pacific Innovation Fund. The module has been created by the Goodfellow Unit at The University of Auckland.


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