Appreciating your retirement

WEBINAR: Tuesday 25 May 2021, 7.30 - 8.45pm

Transition into retirement is more than a financial plan. It’s about living a full and meaningful life.

Peter Graham assists people in their transition from work to retirement, helping individuals position themselves for an incredible and meaningful retirement. Peter understands that the best time for people to consider retirement is from age 50 and still working. The next best time is once they have retired.

Retirement is about ‘lifestyle’. Every retiree is faced with the same dilemma: How to ‘fill in’ an unknown life span…which could be 30 years. That’s 11,000 days of activity. Retirement can be full of excitement, activities, or even boredom. Over 50% of respondents, when asked what is the one word that best explains their retirement, use the word boredom. And, it definitely does not need to be that way.

Your retirement, and how you ‘fill in’ up to 11,000 days is a personal choice.

This webinar highlights the main issues to consider.



Peter Graham

For 50 years, Peter was a Financial Adviser who specialised in training, life insurance, estate planning and assisting individuals and businesses to achieve their financial objectives.
As a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table – the largest international financial services organisation, he meets with many financial advisers, from around the world. As a result, he better understands the needs of many people in retirement.
Peter noticed, while giving financial advice to his clients, that very few had considered, or knew, how to retire. It seems obvious to Peter that retirement is not about money. It is about lifestyle. All that money does is to give more options that may be adopted.
Peter has spoken on retirement lifestyle issues, throughout Australia, in Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, UAE (Dubai), New Zealand, Canada, United States and on BBC radio.

Tim Mahood

Tim loves the law, finding it intellectually stimulating and engaging. He is a partner and head of litigation at the tech, media and intellectual property law boutique Hudson Gavin Martin.
Tim was previously general counsel of NIWA, which gave him invaluable insights into the commercial world; and despite his significant commercial disputes experience, his biological sciences and patent attorney qualifications mean he has a real soft spot for intellectual property and tech disputes, advice and strategy..

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