Contraception, LARC insertion workshop

Contraception, LARC insertions, and managing menstrual challenges

Date: Saturday 31 October, 2020

Spaces are limited per session (maximum capacity is 25).

Price: $230

Time: The session is from 9am - 12pm (register below). Morning tea is provided.

Note: There is also a session at 1pm. If you prefer that option please click here.

This workshop, led by Orna McGinn, is an interactive tutorial on practical procedures where the participant will have the opportunity to practice techniques on supplied models.

Contraception, LARC insertions such as IUS, IUD and implants will be discussed, as well as the use of local anaesthetic in IUD insertion, including cervical and paracervical blocks.

The session will also include menorrhagia and abnormal uterine bleeding, when pipelles should be considered and integration into current (Auckland) health pathways.


Dr Orna McGinn

Orna has been in New Zealand 10 years after working as a GP and family planning doctor in the UK since 1999.

She works part time as a GP, teaches Womens Health at the University of Auckland and is currently the Clinical Director of Primary Care Womens Health at Auckland DHB.

Dr Simon Edmonds

Simon is dual trained in general surgery and gynaecology, with a special interest in the management of severe endometriosis and laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgical techniques in the treatment of pelvic pathology, including laparoscopic hysterectomy and complex adhesions. He moved to New Zealand in 2010 to work at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland, where he lead the triaging of all gynaecology referrals for 8 years, including the introduction of e-referrals and regional HealthPathways for the management of common gynaecological conditions. He was the lead for minimally invasive surgery, clinical lead in gynaecology 2011-2014 and the Training Programme Director for the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy Society (AGES) 2-year training fellowship, one of only 2 such accredited hospitals in NZ. He left the public system in 2018 and now works solely at Ascot Central Women’s Clinic.  He was the NZ board member for AGES (2015-2019),  is the lead for gynaecology on the Clinical Advisory Board at Mercy/Ascot, and is on the Endometriosis Specialist Advisory Group for the charitable trust Endometriosis NZ.


Grafton Campus,

22-30 Park Ave, Grafton

Building 507,  room 507-G007



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