Eating disorders in children and adolescents

WEBINAR: Tuesday 26 October 2021, 7.30 - 8.45 pm

An overview of medical issues to be considered in children and adolescents with eating disorders including; early recognition, when hospital admission is needed, acute and long term complications, eating disorders other than anorexia nervosa (in particular avoidant restrictive food intake disorder – ARFID)

As always, we will answer as many questions as we can as time permits.




Dr Raewyn Gavin is a general paediatrician at Starship Children’s Hospital.

Starship started a programme for inpatient management of eating disorders in 2009 and is overseen by a multidisciplinary team. They have seen a steady increase in the numbers of young people admitted with eating disorders, particularly in the last year.

Raewyn is interested in medical aspects of eating disorders, including acute medical instability and also the long term impact on reproductive, bone and brain health.

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