Managing osteoarthritis - much more than just a joint replacement

Dr Mark Fulcher, a specialist sports and exercise physician,  discusses managing the common presentation of knee and hip osteoarthritis in primary care, focusing on the following:

  • Diagnosis of osteoarthritis in the knee and hip.
  • What non-surgical treatments are available?
  • How to use exercise as a treatment.
  • The role of weight loss.
  • What is the role of medication?
  • When should a patient be referred for a joint replacement?
  • Case examples and Q&A session.

Take home message

  • Education, diet and exercise are key
  • Analgesics as needed
  • Consider injection options
  • Significant symptoms or X-ray findings before thinking about joint replacement. (Ask for the following 4 views: Rosenberg, Standing AP, Lateral, Skyline)



  • Food journal and nutrition network app MealLogger


Dr Mark Fulcher is a sport and exercise physician at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists. Since graduating from medical school in 2001 Mark has worked extensively in sports medicine and is especially interested in injury prevention and the treatment of concussion.

He works closely with ACC and is part of their Sports Collaboration Group which recently released the Concussion Service Guidelines for medical providers in NZ. Mark is the Medical Director at New Zealand Football and is a member of the FIFA medical committee.  He has attended multiple Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup competitions as a team doctor. 

Mark has an interest in the management of all joint pain. Axis Sports Medicine Specialists runs a multi-disciplinary osteoarthritis clinic incorporating input from a variety of practitioners including an exercise physiologist, dietician, physician and orthopaedic surgeon. In this session Mark will discuss his approach to managing osteoarthritis.

This presentation is intended for qualified health practitioners professional development and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Any opinions offered are those of the presenter or other speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of Goodfellow Unit.

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