The thriving clinician

WEBINAR: Tuesday 19 July 2022, 7.30 - 8.45 pm

Sharee Johnson has taken to heart the finding that when healthcare workers are well they provide better patient care and that achieves better health outcomes for patients. 

As a psychologist coach she believes that coaching provides a way forward for us in healthcare. She is going to share some of her experience coaching doctors with us.

  • What is coaching? 
  • Why do doctors seek out coaching and what impact does it have?
  • How do doctors use coaching?
  • What is the Art of medicine? (I will talk briefly  about compassion, emotional intelligence and regulation, mindfulness, community)

As always, we will answer as many of your questions as we can.



Sharee Johnson

Author, Psychologist, Professional Coach, Meditation Teacher

Sharee has been practicing as a registered psychologist for nearly 30 years. For many years she had a private counselling practice working with the full gamut of human suffering except active psychosis. Sharee is a meditation teacher and is accredited as a senior trainer with global firms the Potential Project, and Resilience at Work delivering work based mindfulness and resilience programs. She is known as Australia’s leading coach of medical doctors and last year released her book The Thriving Doctor- How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine. She is the founder and owner of Coaching for Doctors delivering 1:1 coaching and deep immersion, personal development programs for doctors so that they become skilled in the art of medicine, taking better care of themselves as the foundation for a more sustainable healthcare system, one that is more able to deliver optimal patient care.

This presentation is intended for qualified health practitioners professional development and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Any opinions offered are those of the presenter or other speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of Goodfellow Unit.

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