Webinar: Atrial Fibrillation

Professor Ralph Stewart, a cardiologist at Auckland City Hospital and the Auckland Heart Group and Honorary Professor of Medicine at the University of Auckland discussed the management of 3 common presentations with atrial fibrillation:

  1. A patient who presents acutely with rapid irregular palpitations.
  2. A patient who gives a history of palpitations who is currently well in sinus rhythm.
  3. A patient who is asymptomatic but is found to have an irregular pulse.

For each of these situations, discussion focusssed on:

  • Diagnosis and investigation
  • Acute management
  • Indications for referral
  • Management of heart rhythm (cardioversion and antiarrhythmic drugs), and heart rate.
  • When are oral anticoagulants indicated to reduce the risk of stroke
  • When are anticoagulants not indicated
  • The importance of individualising care


Wednesday 24 May 2017. 7.30pm - 8.45pm



Prof Ralph Stewart

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