Asthma: LABAs, house dust, breathing exercise and pets

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Asthma: LABAs, house dust, breathing exercise and pets

recent NZ asthma guideline1 has recommended:

1. Higher doses of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) may be used in patients in whom adequate control is not achieved or the patient may be switched to an ICS/LABA combination. The use of a combined inhaler can increase adherence and reduce this risk. 

2. LABAs should never be given to patients without an inhaled steroid due to an increased risk of death.

The SIGN guideline2 has recommended:

1. Healthcare professionals should not recommend house dust mite aeroallergen avoidance for the primary prevention of asthma (A recommendation).

2. Healthcare professionals should not offer advice on pet ownership as a strategy for preventing childhood asthma. (B recommendation).

3. Breathing exercise programmes (including physiotherapist-taught methods) can be offered to people with asthma as an adjuvant to pharmacological treatment to improve quality of life and reduce symptom (A recommendation).


  1. NZ Asthma Guidelines 2016 Click here 
  2. British Guideline on the Management of Asthma 2016.  Click here

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    As published in NZ Doctor 15/03/2017