New advice for infant feeding to manage food allergies

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"New advice for infant feeding to manage food allergies"

I was alerted to this advice by way of a Radio Australia Podcast Health Report.1 The Centre for Food & Allergy Research (CFAR) in Melbourne recommended three changes to the Australian infant feeding guidelines in order to manage food allergies.2 The Australasian Society of Clinical Allergy and Immunology also have recommendations about this matter.3

1) When the infant is ready, at around 6 months, but not before 4 months, start to introduce a variety of solid foods, starting with iron rich foods, while continuing breastfeeding. 

2) All infants should be given allergenic solid foods including peanut butter, cooked egg and dairy and wheat products in the first year of life. This includes infants at high risk of allergy.

3) Hydrolysed (partially and extensively) infant formula are not recommended for prevention of allergic disease.

This Gem has been checked by Dr Karen Hoare, Nurse Practitioner, School of Nursing University of Auckland and Greenstone Family Clinic Manurewa.


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As published in NZ Doctor 06/07/2016