Remote assessment of breathlessness

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Remote assessment of breathlessness

Some guiding principles on remote COVID assessments by video link or telephone.1

1. Check whether the patient can complete their sentences with ease and comfort:

  •    How is your breathing today?

2. The (UK) NHS 111 symptom checker asks three questions:

  •  Are you so breathless that you are unable to speak more than a few words?
  • Are you breathing harder or faster than usual when doing nothing at all?”
  • Are you so ill that you've stopped doing all of your usual daily activities?

3. Focus on change-deterioration rather than current S.O.B.

  • Is your breathing faster, slower, or the same as normal?
  • What could you do yesterday that you can’t do today?
  • What makes you breathless now that didn’t make you breathless yesterday?

4. Interpret the breathlessness in the context of the wider history and physical signs e.g. a new, audible wheeze and a verbal report of blueness of the lips.

5. Respiratory rate not by phone but by good video connection.


  1. Video consultations for covid-19 an opportunity in a crisis. BMJ (2020) View here

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