Steroid injections are effective for plantar fasciitis in the short term

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"Steroid injections are effective for plantar fasciitis in the short term"

Corticosteroid injections (prednisolone 20 mg or 16 mg triamcinolone) significantly reduce plantar fasciitis pain for 1 in 3 people at four weeks.1 Benefit beyond 12 weeks not well demonstrated. It is a self-limiting condition which usually resolves within one year untreated. However, the rate of steroid induced rupture could be up to 10%. Dr Mark Fulcher* says: “if the plantar fascia ruptures it generally settles over 2-3 months and for most, leaves no lasting disability. I avoid steroid injections where possible.  The short term results can appear encouraging but aren’t much help in the longer term. If patients have refractory pain, have tried footwear changes and orthotics I would offer a steroid injection.  I try not to do this unless they are quite disabled. Consider radial shock wave therapy for this condition.”
*Dr Mark Fulcher Sports Physician at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists.

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As published in NZ Doctor 22/07/2015