Tiotropium has a small benefit for those with moderate-severe asthma

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"Tiotropium has a small benefit for those with moderate-severe asthma"

The December Albert Tools for Practice1 asked the question: Is tiotropium useful as an add-on therapy in asthmatic patients who are poorly controlled on an Inhaled Corticosteroid (CS) or ICS + Long-Acting Beta Agonist (LABA)?

They found that in moderate-severe asthma, uncontrolled on ICS or ICS+LABA, the addition of tiotropium prevents exacerbations for one in 18-36 patients over 4-52 weeks. Much of the research is at high risk of bias and changes in other surrogate outcomes (like FEV1) are of uncertain clinical importance.


  1. https://www.acfp.ca/wp-content/uploads/tools-for-practice/1448991596_tfp152tiotropiumandasthmafv.pdf

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