Gout Prevention


  Treating and preventing gout in 7 minutes - for diabetics. Added March 2016

  Treating and preventing gout in 7 minutes - for non-diabetics. Added March 2016

 Health Literacy Information for people with gout. Added June 2014

Medsafe datasheet on ADENURIC® (febuxostat)

Consumer medicine Information on ADENURIC® (febuxostat)

Benzbromarone is now available on special authority and has to be under section 29 which means it is an off licence use. That means the patient needs to be aware of the situation. It is useful when there is poor kidney function. It has the rare complication of severe liver problems and monthly LFTs are advised.

An alternative treatment when difficulties with allopurinol occur:
ADENURIC® (febuxostat) by Menarini Ltd launched in New Zealand in 2013. ADENURIC® is the first new chronic gout treatment in more than 40 years and is registered in New Zealand as a first line treatment. The urate-lowering therapy is well tolerated without dose adjustment in gout patients suffering from mild or moderate renal impairment.