Health and wellbeing for health professionals

Associate Professor Karen Hoare will be facilitating this seminar and Dr Fiona Moir will be presenting.

There will be brief introductory teaching about stress and resilience. Some useful techniques for stress management, burnout prevention and self-compassion will be covered, along with opportunities to practice these skills. This will include some discussion regarding the practice of mindfulness, and other evidence-based techniques. Resources will be recommended.

Attending practitioners will be able to reflect on their individual strengths and vulnerabilities and to identify areas for possible change. Whilst parts of this workshop will be interactive/experiential, all practical exercises will be optional and will not include role-play.
Biography - Dr Fiona Moir MBChB, MRCGP, PhD

Fiona Moir trained in the UK at Sheffield University, and went on to work as a GP in the UK and New Zealand. She now works in a part-time role in the Medical Programme Directorate and in The Department of General Practice at The University of Auckland as a Senior Lecturer. Within this job, she has developed SAFE-DRS, a Health and Wellbeing curriculum for medical students, and has created comprehensive pastoral care policies and care pathways for the medical school. In 2016, she was appointed as a Director of Medical Student Affairs. Outside of the University, she is also a Director of two companies: Connect Communications, a medical education business which designs and facilitates self-care, supervision and communication skills sessions for health professionals, and First Response, a company specialising in peer-interventions for identifying and responding to distress in the workplace.

In 2008, she was one of the co-authors of the CALM website, a resource for stress management and happiness, which was originally made available to students and then later released to the public. Her interests are: early interventions for stress, anxiety and depression; self-care; the health of health professionals; healthy workplaces and communication. Her PhD is in the area of peer-led interventions to improve mental health.

Audience: GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Primary Care Nurses and other members of the Primary Health Team.

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Where: Pharmac, Wellington
(Please note this is a repeat seminar).

Diary Date: 
Monday, April 30, 2018 - 09:00