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Knee injuries: acute management


Picture of Knee injuries: acute management
1 hour
Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedics
Publish Date
02 April 2016
01 11 December 2023
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About this Course

Acute knee injuries are common, especially in sports that involve twisting movements and sudden changes of direction.

Objectives of this course:

  • To identify the important features of history that help identify the correct diagnosis of a knee injury.
  • To understand the key features in the clinical examination of an acute knee.
  • To introduce the Ottawa knee rules as a tool for clinical decision making with regards to imaging of an acute knee injury.
  • To describe the initial steps of acute knee management.


This content was created by Dr Helen Joyce Fulcher MBChB, DipPaed, PGCertHSc(Sports Med). It was reviewed by Dr Hazel Fuiava (MBChB, DipPaeds).

Course Content

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Knee injuries: acute management
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