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Could this be sepsis?



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30 mins
Publish Date
25 January 2024
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About this Course

80% of sepsis cases originate outside the hospital, so early recognition in community settings is vital.

Sepsis can present with vague, non-specific symptoms initially, followed by rapid decompensation. These features make sepsis difficult to recognise and manage in primary care.

Learning objectives for this short course are to:

  • Recognise sepsis as a common medical emergency, including subtle community presentations.
  • Understand risk stratification and how it guides management and use of critical language.
  • Understand how to talk to patients, whānau and caregivers about sepsis.
  • Appreciate haemodynamics in children (vital signs and examination), and how they relate to sepsis progression.
  • Understand inequities in sepsis prevalence, including which children are particularly at risk of sepsis.
  • Identify common post-sepsis symptoms (sometimes referred to as the post-sepsis syndrome).
  • Assumed knowledge: history taking and physical exam regarding finding the source of infection.



Content created by Dr Sylvia Giles with expert review by Paul Huggan, Acute Medicine and Infectious Disease Physician.


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Could this be sepsis?