Unwinding anxiety: insights on how we view and treat anxiety

Session Date: 
Sunday, February 26, 2023 - 08:30

Can anxiety and worry be perpetuated like a habit? Anxiety levels are increasing individually and collectively in the modern day.

Faced with uncertainty, and an overabundance of information (and misinformation), among other challenges, our minds struggle to keep up. Our brains default to old survival mechanisms to help us deal with anxiety, which can lead to the development of unhealthy coping habits (e.g. stress eating) and ironically feed anxiety as a habit itself.

Drawing on his clinical work, neuroscience research studies and development of next-generation digital therapeutics for habit change, Dr Brewer will discuss the underlying behavioural and neurobiological mechanisms of why anxiety and other habits are formed and how we can paradoxically tap into these very processes to uproot them. He will also discuss how we can apply these insights to improve clinical treatments and to our own lives.