Mobile health and social care from a campervan: Learn the skills of engagement for next Monday

Session Date: 
Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 02:05

Te Iti Pounamu Hauora Medical Bus is a campervan driven by GP Juliet Tay and NP Rebecca (Beccy) Fenn who deliver mobile health care to the unenrolled, disengaged and disenfranchised population of South Auckland. They provide all of the health care in the bus.

Working in partnership with community groups such as transitional housing, mental health services, the police and many others they have been able to break down barriers and reach out to people who are not engaged with any primary health care services.

Listen to the stories, presented by Becky, of people who live in South Auckland. Skills for next Monday will be demonstrated by hearing case examples of how these two practitioners address serious inequities. Learn how they engage in therapeutic relationships, provide health and social care and improve health outcomes.