Pre-Symposium Workshops
2-day Symposium Programme

Saturday and Sunday clinics

  • Surgical skills clinics need to be pre-booked due to equipment restrictions. You can do this on your registration form.


Programme Day 1 (Saturday 28 March 2020)
from 07.00 Registration
07.30-08.15 Breakfast sessions

7.15 am TBC

8.15 am TBC


Welcome and Keynote presentation

Compassion in primary care with Professor Paul Gilbert


Update Managing difficult blood pressures
Hari Talreja
General 1 Rising tide of STI's in NZ
Massimo Giola
General 2 Endometriosis takes the blame
Simon Edmonds
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot Beyond mesh – I have a mesh, should I be worried?
Eva Fong, Sum Sum Lo
Lifestyle Medicine Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine: the art and science of the practice of the future
John Stevens
10.25-10.55 Morning tea

Updates Anxiety in adolescence: When to worry
Melanie Woodfield
General 1 Contraception education update
Orna McGill
 General 2 Pacific health
Aniva Lawrence
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot Benign prostate problems - beyond the basics
Simon Van Rij, Andrew Lienert, Jason Du
 Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition and exercise science - supporting the lifestyle prescription
Cameron McDonald

Updates Menopause - what medications and when
Stella Milsom
General 1 All about eyes; Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus and Refractive Lens Exchange
Shanu Subbiah and Divya Perumal
 General 2 Burn management
Jonathan Heather
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot Acute appendicitis: Where are we at now? 
Ashish Taneja
 Lifestyle Medicine The need for personalising nutrition and strategies for nutrition counselling
Shivaun Conn
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates Reversing the impact of intergenerational poverty
Johan Morreau
 General 1 When is medicinal cannabis appropriate for chronic pain?
Girseh Kanji
 General 2 Resetting workplace culture
Chelsea Willmott
 MercyAscot Selection criteria & management of bariatric patients
Grant Beban
Lifestyle Medicine Health coaching: the engine room of clinical practice
Simon Matthews
2.55-3.05 Changeover

Updates Psoriasis update
Paul Jarrett
General 1 Grief and the implications for ongoing care
Rod MacLeod
General 2 Evidence for new medications - should GP's look beyond the results?
Bryan Betty
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot Cartliage problems across the ages (knees)
Jacob Munro, Duncan Ferguson, Paul Monk
Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition and exercise science - supporting the lifestyle prescription 
Cameron McDonald
3.55-4.30 Afternoon tea

Updates Diabetes: one size doesn’t fit all
Rinki Murphy
General 1 Exercise as medicine in oncology
Mark Fulcher
 General 2  TBC
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot No sweat: treating hyperhidrosis and facial blushing
Indran Ramanathan
Lifestyle Medicine Coaching health behaviour change in clinical practice: a practical session
Shivaun Conn
 5.30-7.00pm Networking with canapes and drinks
6.00-7.00pm RNZCUC Annual General Meeting


Programme Day 2 (Sunday 29 March 2020)
07.30-08.15 Breakfast sessions

7.15 am TBC

8.15 am TBC


Keynote presentation

Using Behavioural Change to Change Behaviour” – Recommendations for a bold but simple approach for helping people get from “A” to “B”, with Edmond Otis


Updates Looking beneath the surface of problematic pornography use
Luke Sniewski
General 1 Tackling vaccine mythology
Helen Petousis-Harris
 General 2 Anticoagulation: who, when, why and with what?
Eileen Merriman
MercyAscot Shoulder pain across the ages
Craig Ball
Lifestyle Medicine Health coaching: Does my patient really want to change? 
Simon Matthews
10.25-10.55 Morning tea

 Updates Resetting workplace culture
Lucy O'Hagan & Chelsea Wilmott
General 1 How GP's can do better with cancer
Gareth Rivalland
General 2 Fast track pain clinic - acute back pain
Giresh Kanji
MercyAscot Inflammatory bowel disease: Optimising care
Maggie Chapman-Ow
Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle Medicine: An ideal platform for the patient-centred model of care
Michelle Reiss

Updates Cognitive decline and dementia: seeing it, understanding it and managing it
Ngaire Kerse & Kathy Peri
General 1 Fussy eating – do children need to learn to eat?
Cathryn Conlon
General 2 Stage 4 cancer: what does it mean in the age of targeted treatments?
Sanjeev Deva
General 3 Common childhood infections
Emma Best
MercyAscot Brain Tumours- how serious are they?
Patrick Schweder
Lifestyle Medicine Weight loss and reversing diabetes in clinical practice
Glen Davies
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates TBC
General 1 Sleep
Tony Fernando
General 2 Psychedelics
Nicolas Hoel
General 3 Rebooting the brain: non traditional treatments for depression
Rob Shieff
MercyAscot Vaping - the trojan horse: Fact vs fiction
Kim Gear
Lifestyle Medicine Programmed Shared Medical Appointments (PSMAs) for weight loss: A proof of concept trial
John Stevens



Updates Prescribing update
Linda Bryant, Bruce Arroll


This programme is subject to change


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