Pre-Symposium Workshops
2-day Symposium Programme

Saturday and Sunday clinics

  • Surgical skills clinics need to be pre-booked due to equipment restrictions. You can do this on your registration form.


Programme Day 1 (Saturday 28 March 2020)
from 07.00 Registration
07.30-08.15 Breakfast sessions

7.15 am TBC

7.15 am TBC


Welcome and Keynote presentation

Compassion in primary care with Professor Paul Gilbert


Update Managing difficult blood pressures
Hari Talreja
General 1 Rising tide of STIs in NZ
Massimo Giola
General 2 Endometriosis takes the blame
Simon Edmonds
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Shoulder injuries
Rob Elliott
MercyAscot Beyond mesh – I have a mesh, should I be worried?
Eva Fong, Sum Sum Lo
Lifestyle Medicine Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine: the art and science of the practice of the future
John Stevens
10.25-10.55 Morning tea

Updates Anxiety in adolescence: When to worry
Melanie Woodfield
General 1 Contraception update
Orna McGill
 General 2 Pacific health
Aniva Lawrence
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Cardiology
Sarah Fitzsimons
MercyAscot Benign prostate problems - beyond the basics
Simon Van Rij, Andrew Lienert, Jason Du
 Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition and exercise science - supporting the lifestyle prescription
Cameron McDonald

Updates Menopause - what medications and when
Stella Milsom
General 1 All about eyes; Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus and Refractive Lens Exchange
Shanu Subbiah and Divya Perumal
 General 2 Burn management
Jonathan Heather
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Oncological pearls
Rosalie Fisher
MercyAscot Acute appendicitis: Where are we at now? 
Ashish Taneja
 Lifestyle Medicine The need for personalising nutrition and strategies for nutrition counselling
Shivaun Conn
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates Reversing the impact of intergenerational poverty
Johan Morreau
 General 1 When is medicinal cannabis appropriate for chronic pain?
Girseh Kanji
 General 2 Resetting workplace culture
Chelsea Willmott
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Sports injuries of the lower limbs 
Shaneel Deo
 MercyAscot Bariatric essentials: Patient selection criteria and post-surgery management
Grant Beban
Lifestyle Medicine Health coaching: the engine room of clinical practice
Simon Matthews
2.55-3.05 Changeover

Updates Psoriasis update
Paul Jarrett
General 1 Grief and the implications for ongoing care
Rod MacLeod
General 2 Evidence for new medications - should GP's look beyond the results?
Bryan Betty
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Acute Upper GI complaints
Todd Hore
MercyAscot Cartliage problems across the ages (knees)
Jacob Munro, Duncan Ferguson, Paul Monk
Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition and exercise science - supporting the lifestyle prescription 
Cameron McDonald
3.55-4.30 Afternoon tea

Updates Diabetes: one size doesn’t fit all
Rinki Murphy
General 1 Exercise as medicine in oncology
Mark Fulcher
 General 2  TBC
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic TBC
MercyAscot No sweat: treating hyperhidrosis and facial blushing
Indran Ramanathan
Lifestyle Medicine Coaching health behaviour change in clinical practice: a practical session
Shivaun Conn
 5.30-7.00pm Networking with canapes and drinks
6.00-7.00pm RNZCUC Annual General Meeting


Programme Day 2 (Sunday 29 March 2020)
07.30-08.15 Breakfast sessions

1. Stroke prevention and anticoagulation in patients with renal impairment: thinking beyond atrial fibrillation - Dr Patrick Kay, Interventional Cardiologist (Sponsored by Bayer)

2. 7.15 am TBC


Keynote presentation

Using Behavioural Change to Change Behaviour” – Recommendations for a bold but simple approach for helping people get from “A” to “B”, with Edmond Otis


Updates Looking beneath the surface of problematic pornography use
Luke Sniewski
General 1 How GP's can do better with cancer
Gareth Rivalland
 General 2 Anticoagulation: who, when, why and with what?
Eileen Merriman
 RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Acute psychiatric emergencies
Siale Foliaki
MercyAscot Shoulder pain across the ages
Craig Ball
Lifestyle Medicine Health coaching: Does my patient really want to change? 
Simon Matthews
10.25-10.55 Morning tea


Tackling vacine mythology
Helen Petousis-Harris

General 1 TBC
General 2 Fast track pain clinic - results from an innovative approach to severe acute spinal pain pain
Giresh Kanji
RNZCUC Urgent Care topic: Overdoses and poisonings
Adam Pomerlau
MercyAscot Inflammatory bowel disease: Optimising care
Maggie Chapman-Ow
Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle Medicine: An ideal platform for the patient-centred model of care
Michelle Reiss

Updates Cognitive decline and dementia: seeing it, understanding it and managing it
Ngaire Kerse & Kathy Peri
General 1 Fussy eating – do children need to learn to eat?
Cathryn Conlon
General 2 Rebooting the brain: non traditional treatments for depression
Rob Shieff
General 3 Psychedelics
Nicolas Hoeh
MercyAscot Brain Tumours- how serious are they?
Patrick Schweder
Lifestyle Medicine Weight loss and reversing diabetes in clinical practice
Glen Davies
1.00-1.55 Lunch

 Updates Cardiovascular update – aspirin and blood pressure
Linda Bryant
General 1 Sleep disorders
Tony Fernando
General 2

Common childhood infections
Emma Best

General 3

Stage 4 cancer: what does it mean in the age of targeted treatments?
Sanjeev Deva

MercyAscot Vaping - the trojan horse: Fact vs fiction
Kim Gear
Lifestyle Medicine Programmed Shared Medical Appointments (PSMAs) for weight loss: A proof of concept trial
John Stevens



Updates Prescribing update
Linda Bryant, Bruce Arroll


This programme is subject to change


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