Subscribe on a Smartphone

In addition to listening here on our website to podcast episodes, you can also subscribe. This will keep you up to date on our new episodes. Subscribing via your favourite mobile app will let you listen on the move, anywhere at any time.

What type of device do you have?

Android/Samsung instructions

To subscribe to any podcasts on your android device you will first need to install an app from the Google play store click here.

Choose and install one of the more popular apps such as "Podcastaddict".

Open the Podcastaddict app

On the New Podcast screen tap Search Engine.

search for Goodfellow Clinics

Tap subscribe



Apple iphone/ipad instructions

You will need Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.  When you subscribe to the Goodfellow Clinics podcast, new episodes are available on your device automatically.

For an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  1. Tap on the podcasts app for iOS   
  2. Browse or search for Goodfellow clinics
  3. Tap Goodfellow clinics podcast to view details
  4. Tap subscribe.

You don't need to be signed in with your Apple ID to play or download podcasts, but you will if you want to sync your podcasts.  Once you subscribe to a podcast it will appear in My Podcasts. The latest episode of the podcast will also begin to download.

For more information on the ios podcast app click here.



Microsoft Windows Phone instructions

To subscribe to the Goodfellow Clinics podcast on your windows phone:

  1. Open the podcasts app by pressing the podcasts tile.
  2. Flip over to Get Podcasts
  3. search for Goodfellow Clinics (alternatively you can type

If you swipe up from the bottom and tap the pin to start option, this will create a tile link to the Goodfellow clinics podcast on your home screen.

If you don't like the default podcast app then you can download alternative free podcast apps from the Microsoft store click here.

Recognition of Learning Activities

Don't forget to log your time with The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners portal for recognition of learning activities.

RNZCGP website