Primary care management of chronic non-malignant pain

This seminar will be facilitated by Fiona Corbin.  Leading this seminar we are fortunate to have secured Dr Ian Holding from Burwood Hospital, Christchurch, who holds dual registration as a GP and musculoskeletal pain specialist.

Ian and some of his team - including Dr John Alchin, pain specialist, two clinical psychologists, Bronny Trewin and Dr Jessica Mills will cover aspects of chronic non-malignant pain management including:

  •  The difference between acute and chronic pain
  •  General practice recognition of chronic pain
  •  Why pharmacology often fails and why a multimodal approach to chronic pain is needed
  •  Prescribing and de-prescribing safely
  •  Co-morbidities and polypharmacy
  •  Universal guideline for opioids
  •  Cannabinoids
  •  Moving from Languishing to Flourishing
  •  Hopelessness, helplessness,  doctor and patient
  •  Strategies for active management, what works, and why, including sleep, diet and exercise.

The seminar will also include information on adherence, how to manage pain flare-ups and new pain presentations.

Finally a summary, putting it all together:
The role of the General Practice team in the practical management of chronic non-malignant pain.

Audience: GPs, nurse practitioners, primary care nurses and other members of the primary health team.

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Where: Pharmac, Wellington

Diary Date: 
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 09:00