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Listed below are a number of external websites and resources that are useful to health professionals. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have any suggested additions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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NZGP Webdirectory

A directory of medical websites for NZ GPs and their patients

P.E.A.R.L.S (Practice Evidence About Real Life Situations)

These are brief (minimalistic summaries) of Cochrane Primary care systematic reviews with the answer in the title (so you only read the ones you like). You get sent two, every two weeks as pdf files, when you subscribe to their database.

The website also links to the Cochrane Library.


Is a clinical search engine with over 5000 answers to common clinical questions. For example., you can put in SSRIs and tramadol and see there is an interaction. Very good for “and" questions. You will be asked to register.

BMJ Evidence Alerts



British Medical Journal


This free service from the BMJ emails you abstracts of papers, based on your nominated interest areas. Either go to BMJ website or direct to their registration page for evidence updates. This is an excellent source of practice-changing and practice affirming information. (previously known as BMJ Evidence Updates)


BMJ also carry regular blogs on a variety of topics. Of particular value is Richard Lemans's summaries of main medical journals.

BMJ Best Practice is a point of care tool from BMJ Evidence Centre designed to support clinicians in their decision making from diagnosis to treatment. Is is a paid subscription.

You can also download the BMJ Best Practice app from the App Store (for iphones and ipads), or from Google Play for androids.


Disseminate and communicates best practice evidence to General Practitioners throughout New Zealand.

Alberta College of Family Physicians Tools for Practice

These bi-weekly articles summarise medical evidence on a clinical question with a focus on information that can modify your day to day practice. You can subscribe to receive the Tools, or browse their website.

Medscape Family Medicine

Current professional medical content, including review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles, book reviews, etc. To view information you will need to register. Has a US focus. You can also download the Medscape app from the App Store (for iphones and ipads), or from Google Play for androids.

Medscape Nurse is a resource by the same group. (NURSING)

Martindale Centre

This has endless calculators in it. Includes risk of breast cancer, how long you will live, paracetamol poisoning, creatinine clearance, osteoporosis risk and many more than you will ever need.

Medline Plus

Health information from the US National Library of Medicine. Has a great medical dictionary for those occasional words that you don’t remember or never knew.


This is a Canadian website that is free and has regular clinical cases. They have a more Canadian than American bias so reasonably close to NZ medicine

DermNet NZ

This is a New Zealand based dermatology website that has good pictures and up to date dermatological advice

POEMs Research Summaries


 Essential Evidence

 Daily e-mail alerts and 3,000+ archived POEMs (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) summarize the most recent, relevant research from over 100 journals. Subscription based.

 Subscription-based clinical decision support system, from the POEMs team.

Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne

Australia clinical practice guidelines (CHILDREN)

Starship Childrens Hospital

Information, clinical guidelines from Starship CHildrens Hospital (CHILDREN)

Nursing Times

The NHS nursing site. Some free web and blog content, but need to subscribe for full access to nursing news and best practice in the United Kingdom. (NURSING)


This is the NZ website developed by Dr Tony Fernando and Dr Fiona Moir of Auckland University and contains many MP3 meditations and wise information on how to keep calm. 

The professional section of this public website. Can subscribe to receive their health professionals newsletters.
UpToDate  Continuously updated, clinical decision support resource. Can receive via web, mobile apps and even embed UpToDate into your EHR/EMR. Cost is around $US490 per year.
DynaMed  A clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use at the point-of-care. Cost is around $US200 per year.
Clinical key A clinical search engine that is very comprehensive and uses the “old”  first consult layout. There is a subscription fee.
Palliative Care Bridge An Australian site with educational videos and resources on palliative care.


Theraputics Education Collaboration Good primary care pharmacology. Great podcast and website with about 30 minute long discussions on therapeutics. Funny, evidence based and addictive. (by Prof James McCormack and Mike Allan). Some are free, but to receive unlimited access there is a membership fee.
BMJ Evidence Based Nursing  There are podcasts on their site
BBC Health Check General public stuff but covers a lot of ground that is interesting to GPs
Australian Family Physician Excellent podcasts to subscribe to.
The BMJ 

Their website has numerous podcasts you can follow.

You can also download the BMJ Best Practice app from the App Store (for iphones and ipads), or from Google Play for androids.

POEM Podcasts Poem of the week By Dr Mark Ebell, a very practical US family doctor. Less than 10 minutes each.
Medscape Medscape family medicine podcasts through the site - just search your topic. You can also download the Medscape app from the App Store (for iphones and ipads), or from Google Play for androids.
ABC (Australia) Health Report Good general stuff – like BBC Medical Matters. They also have a series called "All in the Mind", about brain behaviour.
New Zealand Doctor  Useful poscasts, for subscribers.

Travel information

  • Fit for travel. The website is compiled by the Travel and International Health Team at Health Protection Scotland (HPS).
  • Travellers health. Centre for Disease Control site for all travel related information and updates. Good clinicians information section.
  • WHO international travel health updates and information.
  • Travel EssentialsThe website is compiled by Dr Marc Shaw, from WORLDWISE Travellers Health Centres is one of Australasia's leading travel health specialists.  Includes advice on vaccinations, health protection against malaria, specific disease facts, health and security advisories and general information that will assist all travellers.
  • Travelling with a medical condition. A good overview of everything to consider when travelling and taking out travel insurance. Useful for all travellers.
  • The ultimate guide to travel insurance. A UK site which overviews what you need to understand when purchasing travel insurance. Useful for all travellers.

Patient information

  • Health Navigator NZ. Good patient information from a variety of sources, collated by Health Navigator team.
  • NHS Choices
  • Includes a database of patient information leaflets on health, conditions and diseases. 
  • labtests online. An Australian site that explains lab tests
  • March of Dimes. An American pregnancy website with good information 
  • Medline PlusMedlinePlus is the US National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends.

Ongoing education

Free sources 

Paid content


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