Stroke – devastating but preventable

WEBINAR: Tuesday 1 March 2022, 7.30 - 8.45 pm

A stroke often has a sudden and devastating impact on quality of life.  However, the risk factors for stroke can usually be identified before it happens, and many treatments are known to decrease the risk.

Professors Anna Ranta, a neurologist and Ralph Stewart, a cardiologist, will discuss how to identify patients who have the greatest risk of stroke, how preventive treatments lower this risk, and how to individualise treatments so they are more likely to achieve the best outcomes for each patient. 

Atrial fibrillation awareness

WEBINAR 17 November: Cardiologist Dr Guy Armstrong will discuss how you can detect, diagnose, manage, and potentially prevent this important condition.

Stroke and TIA clinical update

WEBINAR 22 September: Professor Alan Barber and Professor Valery Feigin will present clinical updates on stroke and TIA, and look at some relevant clinical cases.

Stop the clot! AF and stroke prevention

WEBINAR 30 June: Cardiologist Dr Ralph Stewart will discuss managing atrial fibrillation in primary care.


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