Child and youth health

Managing childhood allergies

WEBINAR archive December 2018: Managing childhood allergies with Annaliesse Blincoe.

Adolescent HEADDSSS - a cultural perspective on what’s new with GenZ

WEBINAR Archive 2018: Dr Aniva Lawrence discusses adolescent health including how to adapt your screening particularly for Māori and Pacific youth.

Webinar: Conversations with parents about unhealthy weight in a child

WEBINAR archive October 2017: Dr Christine McIntosh, Susan Reid and Hayden McRobbie on childhood obesity

Topical corticosteroids may be a safe alternative to treat phimosis in boys

Phimosis, where the foreskin cannot be fully drawn back over the penis is normal at birth and often self-corrects without needing treatment during the first four years of life; only 10% of three-year-old boys have phimosis (congenital phimosis).

Youth vaping

Dr Colette Muir talks about youth vaping, what we need to know.


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