Child and youth health

Foundations in ICAMH 3: Youth Mental Health

This course provides an overview of: developmental milestones, developmentally appropriate practice and common mental health issues in adolescence (13 - 19 years).

Learning objectives:

Foundations in ICAMH 2: Child Mental Health

This material covers childhood (5-12 years) and provides an overview of developmental milestones, developmentally appropriate practice, and common mental health issues.

Learning objectives:

Foundations in ICAMH 1: Core concepts/ Infant | Pēpi Mental Health

The course is aimed at workers in primary level, NGO and ICAMHS services to develop the skills and knowledge on infant, child and young person mental health and AOD concerns.

The course is part of the series: Foundations in Infant, Child, Youth and Whānau Mental Health which are an introduction for health professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in working with infants, children and adolescents with, or at risk of having mental health, alcohol or drug issues.


E-therapy for youth depression

SPARX is a unique, award-winning self help initiative that helps young people learn skills to deal with feeling down, depressed or stressed.  The effectiveness of SPARX has been proven to be as good as standard care in a randomised control trial undertaken by the University of Auckla

Dysphagia Training for SLTs - Level 1

This level 1 Dysphagia course will provide the knowledge you need to support your team in providing eating, drinking and swallowing services for children. This course is in additional to the awareness level training and builds on the information gained there. Throughout the course EDUCATION SLTs will refer to those SLTs employed by the Ministry of Education and HEALTH SLTs will refer to those SLTs employed by the Ministry of Health.

Dysphagia Training for SLT's - Awareness Level

Welcome to this dysphagia awareness course which has been designed for Speech-language therapists working within the Ministry of Education. There are two levels of online learning available; this module which overviews fundamental principles and practicalities of working with children with dysphagia; and Level 1 which offers advanced knowledge and practices. 

Throughout this course EDUCATION SLTs refers to those SLTs employed by the Ministry of Education and HEALTH SLTs refers to those SLTs employed by the Ministry of Health.

Tapuaki: Pacific Pregnancy and Parenting Education

Tapuaki (Pacific Pregnancy & Parenting Education) aims to educate health professionals so they can provide pregnancy and parenting education for Pacific families.  It was developed with the aim of empowering Pacific pregnant women, fathers and their famiies to make informed decisions about their health, and that of their unborn baby.

An Introduction to HEEADSSS Assessment

Kia Ora and Welcome to this online Introduction to the HEEADSSS (Home, Education, Eating, Activities, Drugs and Alcohol, Suicide and Depression, Sexuality and Safety) Assessment. This material is specifically designed to introduce you to the Youth Health and Development context and the HEEADSSS Assessment Framework. 

Food allergy in children: diagnosis and treatment

Food allergies (FA) and other allergic diseases can result in life-threatening reactions and they significantly impact quality of life. Food allergies can develop at any age but are most common in young children 5 years and under, including young babies. 


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