Type II diabetes in young people

View archived webinar: Dr Steven Miller, Consultant Physician in Endocrinology and Diabetes at North Shore Hospital, Auckland discusses type II diabetes in young people in NZ.

Association between gout and high intakes of fructose – consider reducing it

This meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies investigated the association of fructose consumption with incident gout and hyperuricemia.

Diabetes - sick day management

In this episdoes Ryan Paul discusses sick day management in the patient with diabetes.

Fasting with type two diabetes

Ryan Paul discusses fasting in patients with type 2 diabetes. He focusses on planned fasts, rather than illness, including the benefits and dangers of fasting.

T2D - managing CVD risk factors

Rinki Murphy outlines the practical strategies GPs can put in place to enable systematic CVD risk factor management among patients with T2D.

Non-insulin therapies in adults with T2D

Type 2 diabetes (mate huka) currently affects almost 300,000 people in Aotearoa, while approximately 900,000 have prediabetes. Substantial inequities exist with Māori, Pacific and South-Asian people bearing both the highest burden of disease and the poorest health outcomes.

With effective management, the long-term complications of type 2 diabetes can largely be prevented. Individualised management using a variety of treatments, including lifestyle modifications and the timely introduction and intensification of oral and injectable therapies, ensures optimal outcomes.

Diabetes management: a case-based discussion

Dr Rinki Murphy uses a case-based approach to diabetes management incorporating the new Diabetes Management Guidance and discusses where the newly funded dulaglutide fits.

A guide on using Dulaglutide for T2D

Dr Rinki Murphy discusses type 2 diabetes management with a focus on GLP- 1 receptor agonists. We discuss the indications for use and how to use dulaglutide now that it has medsafe approval.


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