Association between gout and high intakes of fructose – consider reducing it

This meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies investigated the association of fructose consumption with incident gout and hyperuricemia.

Exercise for the treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia

Dr Giresh Kanji talks about the importance of exercise in the management of depression and insomnia in general practice. Giresh is a musculoskeletal pain expert in Auckland. He’s founder of the New Zealand Pain Foundation and has many years of experience researching and managing pain.

Diabetic foot disease

Those with diabetes are at risk of infection of wounds of the feet and legs, as well as delayed wound healing and development of ulcers, due to peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease. This can potentially lead to gangrene and lower extremity amputation.

Patients are often unaware of damage occurring from injuries or pressure from shoes due to impaired or complete loss of sensation.

For this reason, regular foot checks by a health professional and good daily foot care are an important part of the prevention and management of diabetic foot disease.

Diabetes management in the older or frail adult

PODCAST: Dr Rick Cutfield discusses diabetes management in the older or frail adult.

Diabetic kidney disease

Diabetic nephropathy is a major complication of diabetes and is the number one cause of end-stage kidney disease in New Zealand. 

Dr Grace Lee, Deputy Director of Goodfellow Unit, talks with Dr Hari Talreja about diabetic kidney disease. Hari is an American Society of Hypertension certified Specialist and Renal Physician with training and experience from Canada, and a Masters Degree from Harvard University. 

Pacific patients and T2D: How can we do better?

MedCase: Discussing rapid escalation of treatment for poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, highlighting ideas to improve outcomes for Pacific patients.

Chronic pancreatitis

Professor John Windsor talks about chronic pancreatitis.

Exercise prescriptions

Physical activity is a highly effective treatment for many types of chronic disease.

Diabetes Diagnosis - Tim Kenealy

Dr Timothy Kenealy talks about diagnosing diabetes in primary care. Tim was a GP in South Auckland for 25 years and is an associate professor of integrated care at the University of Auckland. One of his main research interests is in diabetes in primary care.


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