Ear, nose and throat

Vertigo - Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins talks about the management of vertigo in general practice. Melanie is an ENT surgeon at North Shore Hospital and at the ENT group at Mercy Hospital in Auckland.

MercyAscot - Paediatric Care Update

At this 1day MercyAscot Education Series workshop Orthopaedic Surgeon Andrew Graydon, General Surgeon James Hamill and ENT Surgeon Melanie Collins covered a range of paediatric topics, including hernias, ENT issue and the challenges of managing paediatric patients.

Webinar: Common Infections Made Easy

Dr Arlo Upton overviewed common infections that include ENT, eyes, chest, gut, skin, pelvis, bladder and teeth. Dr Arlo Upton is a graduate of the University of Otago Medical School. She trained in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases in Auckland. 

Nasal Obstruction - Salil Nair

Salil Nair talks about Nasal congestion and nasal obstruction. Salil is an ENT surgeon based at counties Manukau DHB and Mercy Hospital Auckland. He is an honorary lecturer at The University of Auckland and teaches internationally on sinus surgery.

Otorrhea - Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins talks about how we manage patients with otorrhea in primary care. Melanie is an otolaryngologist and is based at both North Shore and Mercy hospitals in Auckland. She has published various research articles and has an interest in postgraduate teaching.

MercyAscot ENT and Head and Neck Update

The MercyAscot ENT and Head & Neck team – the specialists from ENT Group and Auckland Head & Neck Specialists (who all have consulting rooms at Mercy Specialist Centre) presented their second interactive education session and update on ENT and Head & Neck.

Dysphagia Training for SLTs - Level 1 Update

This is a refresher for the level 1 course in dysphagia. It reviews the knowledge you need to support and advise school staff, families and other education therapists working with children with dysphagia or feeding difficulties. The Level 1 training you completed was in the area of eating, drinking and swallowing. It was designed to empower and enable you to provide support and resources to your colleagues in this area of practice.

Prescribing for common infections

The goal of this course is to provide information for primary health care professionals in order to enhance patient care around the use of antibiotics.  Of relevance is the understanding that for many infections in primary care antibiotics are discretionary not mandatory, and in fact many common bacterial conditions in primary care resolve without antibiotics.

By the end of this course you will:

The common cold - Bruce Arroll

Rachel Jones talks to Dr Bruce Arroll about the common cold. Bruce is Professor of General Practice at the University of Auckland and a GP in South Auckland.


Dysphagia Training for SLTs - Awareness Level Update

Following completion of our online dysphagia awareness course, and having had the last few months to put into practice the things you have learnt, this short course provides the opportunity for you to reflect on your learning over the past year and to think about where your dysphagia skills and knowledge can progress over the next 12 months.

Whether you have had lots of experience, a little, or none, this is your opportunity to review the course content and consider questions about your working practices.


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