Dulaglutide and Type 2 Diabetes

WEBINAR 31 August: The role of dulaglutide in diabetes management.

Is it my thyroid doctor?

WEBINAR 21 September: Dr Parvathy Chandra on thyroid disease

Type 2 diabetes: New treatment on the horizon

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Dr Ole Schmiedel discusses a New Zealand centric context for best practice in diabetes management inclusive of new therapies.

Obesity and risk in COVID-19

WEBINAR 14 July: Obesity and risk in COVID-19 with Rinki Murphy

Type II diabetes in young people

View archived webinar: Dr Steven Miller, Consultant Physician in Endocrinology and Diabetes at North Shore Hospital, Auckland discusses type II diabetes in young people in NZ.

Osteoporosis update - Ian Reid

Distinguished Professor Ian Reid talks about Osteoporosis New Zealand's Guidance on Diagnosing and Managing Osteoporosis in New Zealand.

Osteoporosis with Prof Ian Reid

2015: Professor Ian Reid an international expert on bone disease, discusses the latest on osteoporosis. Ian is a Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology at the University of Auckland and an international expert and research award winner in osteoporosis.

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