Topical Steroids - Paul Jarrett

Dr Paul Jarrett talks about the usage of topical steroids in general practice. Paul is a Consultant Dermatologist at the Department of Dermatology, Counties Manukau DHB. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the University of Auckland where he is the clinical lead for dermatology teaching.

Cellulitis - Mark Thomas

Doctor Mark Thomas talks about Cellulitis. Mark is an Infectious Disease Physician at Auckland City Hospital and Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology at the University of Auckland. His current research is directed towards reducing excessive anti-microbial consumption in New Zealand.

Effective treatments for the common cold - Bruce Arroll

Rachel Jones talks to Dr Bruce Arroll about effective treatments for the common cold and how to avoid antibiotic prescriptions. Dr Arroll is Professor of General Practice at the University of Auckland and a GP in south Auckland.

Prescribing for common infections

The goal of this course is to provide information for primary health care professionals in order to enhance patient care around the use of antibiotics.  Of relevance is the understanding that for many infections in primary care antibiotics are discretionary, not mandatory, and in fact many common bacterial conditions in primary care resolve without antibiotics.

By the end of this course you will:

Red Rash Made Easy

This course is designed to help primary health care workers diagnose rashes. Though we do give some treatment advice, this information is mainly designed to make diagnosis simpler and faster. Please note that this is an educational tool and not a clinical guideline and that to practice clinically you have to have clinical training and use clinical information and reasoning.

The red rash map provides a logical pathway to diagnose the common red rash. By asking a few simple questions, you can figure out most red rashes.


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