Mental health

Supporting patients with lived-experience of trauma

WEBINAR 22 June: Anna Elders on how a trauma-informed approach can affect patient outcomes.

Assessment and management of insomnia

WEBINAR 8 June: Dan Ford on managing patients with insomnia

Compassion-focused therapy

WEBINARS: Compassion-focused therapy with Paul Gilbert

Date: Saturday 20 February & Saturday 27 February 2021
Time: 8.30am - 12.00pm each Saturday (both sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for the next 12 months to paying registrants)

Prof Paul Gilbert PhD OBE hosts these workshops that offer insights into the nature of compassion and the types and uses of practices that stimulate compassionate mental states and sense of self.

Family violence: dealing with disclosures

WEBINAR 2 March: Clare Healy looks at role of general pracatice in a system response to family violence.

Tackling burnout, and thriving in the future

WEBINAR Tuesday 2 February: Fiona Moir on recognising warning alarms, and techniques to prevent and manage it.


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