Mental health

Managing acutely distressed patients

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Dr David Codyre on managing presentations of the acutely distressed patient

Clinician wellbeing: addressing stress and burnout

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Dr Fiona Moir on clinician wellbeing and its importance in our functioning.

Does your patient have an eating disorder?

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Dr Marion Roberts talked about identifying and managing eating disorders.

FACT: Radical change is possible for patients in brief primary care visits

Kirk Strosahl discusses how Focussed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can easily be introduced in very short change-oriented conversations

Antidepressants in primary care

WEBINAR archive 2017: Associate Professor David Menkes and Professor Bruce Arroll discussed the evidence for the benefit for antidepressants in primary care, as well as cases to support key points.


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