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Introduction to Focussed Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

FACT is focussed Acceptance and Commitment therapy where the aim of therapy is to use ACT principles but to deliver an initial consultations in under 30 minutes and follow up visits in under 15 minutes. Also the therapy should be conducted in fewer than four visits before either referring back to their primary care providers or on to more intense treatment (e.g. community mental health teams or regular psychology visits).

Working with Sexuality and Intimacy

This two day Foundation Course was designed to extend knowledge regarding sexuality and intimacy, ensure you have the most productive way of conceptualising sexual problems and enhance your comfort and skills in dealing with issues of sexuality.

Anorexia - Hiran Thabrew

Dr Hiran Thabrew talks about anorexia nervosa. Hiran is a duel-trained child and adolescent psychiatrist and paediatrician. He is a senior lecturer within the department of psychological medicine at the University of Auckland, and clinician.

Depression in adolescents - Sally Merry

Professor Sally Merry talks about depression in adolescents. Sally holds the Cure Kids Duke Family Chair and is head of Department of Psychological Medicine at The University of Auckland.

CEP 9: Integrated Care

This course is part of the Introduction to Co-existing Problems (CEP) in Youth series. Integrated care involves the co-ordination, collaboration and cooperation of mental health and substance abuse services combining at an individual level to ensure that clients and families’ access screening, assessment, treatment planning, service delivery and continuing care in a smooth and relatively seamless way. 

Dementia - Professor Ngaire Kerse

Professor Ngaire Kerse discusses dementia. Ngaire is a GP and head of Population Health at the University of Auckland, where she runs an active programme of research in improving the healthcare of older people. Ngaire was awarded a distinguished fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 2011.

CEP 8: Management

This course is part of the Introduction to Co-existing Problems (CEP) in Youth series. The management of young people with CEP mainly involves applying established addiction and mental health treatments together in an integrated way. Unfortunately few specific CEP treatment interventions have been developed or evaluated in children and young people.

Mindfulness - Joel Levey

Joel Levey a mindfulness pioneer explores practices and techniques of mindfulness with Prof Bruce Arroll on his recent trip to New Zealand.

Mindfulness for health - Joel and Michelle Levey

Joel and Michelle Levey, pioneers in mindfulness for health offer a unique and rich blend of insights and experience distilled from 47 years of intensive contemplative study/practice and work bringing this wisdom into higher education, medicine, and business.

Learn how mindfulness, meditation, mind-fitness training, and contemplative science can benefit practitioners and patients alike. 


This course on dementia is the result of a national collaboration between primary, secondary and tertiary care providers. It is heavily informed by the Waitemata DHB pilot of GPs and practice nurses assessing, diagnosing and managing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and typical dementia.

Dementia requires chronic care management. There is strong evidence that primary care is the right place for its assessment, diagnosis, and management.  


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