Mental health

First episode psychosis

In this episode, Dr Cheryl Buhay will discuss first episode psychosis, the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, along with risk factors.

Borderline personality disorder

BPD is relatively common, and management in general practice often time consuming and unrewarding. In this podcast, Dr Cheryl Buhay discusses clues to diagnosis, investigations, and management tips to hopefully make these patients more straightforward to manage, and also more rewarding.

Managing stuck or distressed patients

Professor Bruce Arroll suggests ways to identify stress and stressors, and why it’s important to do so.

ADHD management

PODCAST: Dr Colette Muir talks about the management of ADHD in children.

ADHD assessment and diagnosis

Dr Colette Muir talks about assessment and diagnosis of ADD and ADHD in children. She covers comprehensive assessment, supporting families, and the wider context.

Dementia in Māori - optimising care

Understanding and incorporating Māori world views of health care in a dementia setting with inclusive development of pathways promotes a Māori responsive approach. Dr Makarena Dudley will discuss her recent research into constructs of Mate ware ware (becoming forgetful and unwell) from a Māori understanding of dementia.

Dementia: diagnosis and management

Dr Grace Lee talks with Dr Diana North FRNZCGP about the key components of assessment that a practitioner may incorporate into their personalized framework for evaluating dementia.

Topics covered include:

Goals of care in end-stage dementia

Dr Michal Boyd talks about goals of care in end-stage dementia.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders refer to a range of disorders that are characterised by disturbances of eating behaviours such as eating very little, eating excessively, or purging. Core beliefs are often held focussing around food, eating and body image perception.

The CASE approach to suicide assessment

A discussion with international expert Dr Shawn Shea MD, on the interviewing strategy known as the Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events Approach (CASE approach). Shawn is the Director of the Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing.


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