Community management of motor neurone disease

The needs of individuals living with motor neurone disease (MND) are complex, as are those of their families/whānau; however, care of such individuals generally occurs in the community.

A multidisciplinary assessment is essential and should include medical (neurology) and nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and speech language therapy.

Transient Ischemic Attacks - Alan Barber

Professor Alan Barber talks about the diagnosis and management of transient ischemic attacks in primary care. Alan is lead neurologist for Auckland Hospital Stoke Service and holds the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Chair in Clinical Neurology at the University of Auckland.

MercyAscot - Neurosurgery: Advances in the investigation and treatment of common conditions

Drs Patrick Schweder, Robert Aspoas and Andrew Law present an update on neurosurgical care.

Topics include:

Brain, pituitary and spine tumours
Neurosurgical treatment
Options for pain
Spine: neck and back problems and how to manage them
Aneurysms and cerebrovascular surgery scenarios

Webinar: TIA/Stroke Management in Primary Care - Anna Ranta

This session will cover general TIA and Stroke management principles relevant to primary care clinicians including diagnosis, triage, referral processes, investigations, medical, and surgical management.  

An overview and brief tutorial covering the new TIA/Stroke bpac electronic decision support tool, the soon to be launched 3D TIA Health Pathway, and how both of these tools fit into the overall management strategy of these conditions will also be included.

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