Contrave™ – a fascinating oral medication in the fight against obesity

WEBINAR Tuesday 27 July: When and how to use Contrave in your patients looking for sustainable weight management.

Weight loss - what really works?

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Webinar: Conversations with parents about unhealthy weight in a child

WEBINAR archive October 2017: Dr Christine McIntosh, Susan Reid and Hayden McRobbie on childhood obesity

Eating disorders

Eating disorders refer to a range of disorders that are characterised by disturbances of eating behaviours such as eating very little, eating excessively, or purging. Core beliefs are often held focussing around food, eating and body image perception.

Childhood Obesity - Hayden McRobbie

Dr Hayden McRobbie talks about about childhood obesity. Haydon is a Professor of Public Health Intervention and has a PhD in Medical Psychology. He has many years of experience in the provision of behaviour change intervention in weight management. Haydon is the Ministry of Health’s “Raising Healthy kids” Clinical Practice champion for childhood obesity.


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