Nutrition and weight loss - Jennifer Crowley

Dr Jennifer Crowley talks about nutrition and weight loss. Jennifer's Doctorate in Health Sciences thesis topic was “New Zealand GPs and nutrition care: perceptions, perceived competence and barriers to provision”. Jennifer is a registered dietitian, registered sports dietitian and secondary teacher with extensive experience in teaching nutrition education.

Nutrition: Brief advice to patients

This course contains some information that you will be familiar with as well as new information in light of emerging scientific evidence in nutrition and changing dietary guidelines for nutrition education.

Relative energy deficiency (RED-S): recognition & management

The term “female athlete triad” has been used for several decades to describe an association between disordered eating, an irregular menstrual cycle and impaired bone health. While disordered eating and low energy availability clearly has an effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle and bone health, almost every system in the body can also be involved. It can affect metabolic rate, immunity and protein synthesis as well as cardiovascular and psychological health.

Webinar: Nutrition made easy


Nutrition made easy is a webinar designed to assist primary care clinicians in providing clear clean advice on nutrition. The aim is to cut through the confusion that exists around nutrition advice and to make the information operational so that the skills acquired can be used, with confidence, the next day in the office. It is designed to be user friendly and offer evidence based information where is exists and best practice advice where it does not.

Iron deficiency - Ali Jafer

Dr Ali Jafer talks about the management of iron deficiency. Ali is a consultant gastroenterologist for Waitemata DHB and has special interests in small intestine disease, GI bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease and capsule endoscopy.

Paediatrics for General Practice

This one day symposium will provide clinical updates and guidance supporting excellent practice on the important issues we face engaging with children and youth in general practice.

Food allergy in children: diagnosis and treatment

Food allergies (FA) and other allergic diseases can result in life-threatening reactions and they significantly impact quality of life. Food allergies can develop at any age, but are most common in young children 5 years and under, including young babies. 


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