Older people's health

Rational prescribing in dementia

WEBINAR archive March 2020: Rational prescribing in dementia, with Dr Phil Wood

Conversations on alcohol with older patients

WEBINAR archive October 2019: Conversations on alcohol with older patients

Webinar: Preventing falls-related injury

Webinar archive October 2017: Professor Ngaire Kerse, Dr Shankar Sankaran and Gill Hall on how to reduce falls injuries and serious harm falls and fractures

Living well with dementia

PODCAST: Professor Ngaire Kerse talks about living well with dementia.

Driving assessment for patients with dementia: a how-to guide

Evaluating driving safety in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia can be challenging.

Older adults and drinking: assessment and management

The focus of this course is older adults who are not likely to be identified as at risk because of alcohol.

Dementia care for Māori

The beginning of a dementia journey can be a scary and confusing time. As a health professional, you are in the position to be a source of information, comfort, and guidance to whānau who are on this journey.

This resource provides information and tools around communicating with Māori patients and their whānau, as well as information around diagnosing dementia and long term care of dementia patients – all of which will make it easier for you to support and care for your patients and their whānau.

Maximising health of older people

MEDTALK: Professor Ngaire Kerse talks about maximising the health of our older patients.


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