Health equity and Māori cancer care

In this series of presentations, cancer leaders, clinicians, researchers and Māori health experts discuss a range of issues that will help inform and guide your interactions with Māori families and whānau.

Pancreatic cancer

Professor John Windsor talks about pancreatic cancer.

Ovarian cancer

PODCAST: Dr Anil Sharma talks about ovarian cancer.

Palliative care management of metastatic pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a major cause of cancer-associated death. It is currently the fourth highest cause of cancer death in developed countries.

Prevention of pancreatic cancer or early diagnosis at a curable stage is extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that in the early stages of disease patients rarely exhibit symptoms and the tumours do not display sensitive and specific markers to aid in its detection. Fewer than 20% of patients have surgically resectable disease and approximately 80% of patients will relapse after surgery and ultimately die of their disease.

Oral cancer - Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith talks about oral cancer in primary care. Kevin is a head neck and thyroid surgeon at North Shore Hospital. He is a member of the Auckland head and neck cancer multi-disciplinary team and MercyAscot's head and neck service.


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