Own my own gout programme

Diane Phone a pharmacist from Middlemore Hospital and Angela Moananu a primary care nurse, talk about their clinic's “own my own gout” programme, where patients connect directly with their pharmacist to manage their gout.


Management of gout in Aotearoa New Zealand

Dr Helen Fulcher, Goodfellow GP Advisor talks with Rheumatologist, Professor Nicola Dalbeth and Consultant Prescribing Pharmacist Leanne Te Karu talks about the management of gout in New Zealand.

Gout - Nicola Dalbeth

Professor Nicola Dalbeth shares an update on the management of gout. Nicola is a rheumatologist at the University of Auckland and Auckland District Health Board. She is a founding member of the Māori Gout Action Group, chair of the Atlas of Health Care Variance Gout Expert Advisory Group and was clinical lead advisor for the gout clinical pathways and bpac gout treatment guidelines.

Gout: treatment & management

Gout is one of the most common forms of acute arthritis, particularly among Māori and Pacific men as well as older people on diuretic therapy. While acute gout is reasonably well managed, prevention of long term gout and its complications, tophi, skin ulceration, chronic joint damage, renal and cardiovascular disease is not.

Following the completion of this short course you will:

Webinar: Gout with Bruce Arroll

Professor Bruce Arroll includes timely reminders as well as new insights into management of acute gout as well as prevention of acute gout. He outlines resources on the Gout Happyfeet website as well as recommended medications. Bruce's current research interest is in rapid non-drug treatments of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. He spends three half days per week in clinical practice working in South Auckland.

Gout Management - Bruce Arroll

Doctor Bruce Arroll talks about gout management. Dr Arroll is Professor of General Practice at the University of Auckland and a GP in south Auckland.

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