Sexual health

HIV PrEP update for primary care

WEBINAR 5 April 2018: Register to hear Dr Vincent Cornelisse and Dr Massimo Giola present on the science of PrEP and how to prescribe PrEP in New Zealand.

Webinar: Working with gender diverse clients

Jeannie Oliphant, Sexual Health Physician addresses gender diversity and what it means, as well as how to initiate conversations. She will talk about the role and use of hormones, resilience and ongoing support for clients. We also hear from Joe Macdonald and Alex Ker.

Event: Sexuality & Intimacy

This two day course, 31 July and August 2, 2017 is designed to extend knowledge regarding sexuality and intimacy, to ensure you have the most productive way of conceptualising sexual problems and enhance your comfort and skills in dealing with issues of sexuality.


Dr Julia Scott a Sexual Health Physician and Public Health Medical Officer, and Dr Gary McAuliffe a Clinical Microbiologist and Virologist discuss the recent monkeypox (MPX) outbreak.

What's new in sex education

In this episode we talk to Dr Claire Meehan about her work with young people across NZ to understand how they engage with sexual media.

Transgender physical health

In this second episode, Dr Rona Carroll discusses the medical and surgical initiation and maintenance of gender affirming hormone treatment and surgical intervention in the transgender- transitioning patient.

Transgender health and puberty suppression

In this first of two episodes, Dr Rona Carroll discusses the physical aspects of managing the transgender patient (Taha tinana), including transgender physical health and management up to puberty suppression.

Female sexual dysfunction: the place for testosterone

Testosterone is used in clinical practice as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction despite a lack of clearly established indication or adequate supporting data.1

This MedCase describes treatments for female sexual dysfunction, reviewing recent evidence for the safety and efficacy of testosterone, with guidance on prescribing in general practice.


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