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Contraception, LARC insertions, and managing menstrual challenges

Contraception, LARC insertions, and managing menstrual challenges

Date: Saturday 14 August 2021

Spaces are limited (maximum capacity is 40), so please book early to secure your place.

Price: $260, inc GST

Time: The session is from 9am - 3pm (register below). Lunch is provided.

This workshop, led by Orna McGinn, is an interactive tutorial on practical procedures where the participant will have the opportunity to practice techniques on supplied models.

Endometriosis - what's new and important

Simon Edmonds and Michael Wynn Williams discuss improving the diagnosis and management of endometriosis in New Zealand through early recognition of symptoms, empowering primary health care practitioners to make a suspected diagnosis and commence management along with appropriate and timely referral to specialists.


Defined as the presence of endometrial-like tissue outside the endometrial cavity, endometriosis is a common condition. Estimates of 1 in 10 New Zealand girls and women, transgender or non-binary female assigned at birth are expected to have endometriosis in their reproductive years. 

The cause of endometriosis is likely to be multifactorial with genetic and familial factors playing a role. Clinical presentation may be variable with dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain, IBS and fertility issues present, though approximately one third are asymptomatic.

Breast health

Dr Erica Whineray Kelly talks about breast health in New Zealand. Erica is an oncoplastic breast cancer surgeon and advocate based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Erica co-founded and is the Managing Director of both Auckland Breast Centre (ABC) and Focus Radiotherapy.


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