Moderator Guidelines

Moderator Guidelines

As a moderator, you play an incredibly significant role in the success of this event. To help you prepare for the Symposium, we have put together this guide.

Setting up the session

Your role will be to:

  1. Do the live online introduction of the presentation and request participant questions.
  2. Remind the audience how to submit questions for the live discussion.
  3. Prepare some questions yourself to start with, while questions are being submitted.
  4. Play pre-recorded presentation (30mins).
  5. Introduce live online Q&A and begin Q1 (15 mins).
  6. Thank the speaker and close the session. FYI: Recording of the full session including introduction and Q&A is posted on the Goodfellow website.

Technical Specifications

  • You will need a modern computer (2018+) with a minimum i5 or equivalent processor.
  • You will need a web camera.
  • You will need a headset or headphones for audio purposes, please do not rely on inbuilt computer speakers and microphones.
  • Please do not use iPad / tablet.
  • Please ensure you use a supported internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge Chromium ( do not use Internet Explorer or Safari).
  • Please remember to close all programmes on your computer except for presentation software and OnAIR.
  • Your internet connection requires a minimum of 5Mbps upload/download speed.
  • Connect via a wired internet connection if possible.
  • Your internet connection requires a minimum of 5Mbps upload/download. (We recommend that you check your internet speed in advance at If your connection does not provide the necessary download and upload speeds we advise seeking a faster connection to ensure a better experience.)



Good audio is the single most important factor in an online presentation. Please ensure you:

  • Use a good quality headset with microphone or good quality earbuds that have a built-in mic or an external microphone. Laptop and desktop microphones are not ideal and are likely to produce poor sound quality.  
  • Eliminate as much background noise as you can.
  • Test the microphone to help solve issues in advance.

Camera Placement

  • Ensure your camera is eye level or above and look straight into the camera.
  • Aim to have your upper torso, shoulders and head in the camera frame.

Lighting and Location

  • Ensure your lighting is sufficient and you are front-lit (rather than backlit).
  • Be mindful of your background – keep it as plain as possible.
  • Check your set up by recording yourself in your laptop camera application.


Keeping session to time

It is essential to finish the session with the 45-minute allocation, the presentation will be pre-recorded for 30 mins so you will need to ensure the Q&A is complete within 15 minutes.

The online producer will advise when you have 1 minute to go.

If the session finishes early the next session will start at the originally designated time.


OnAir virtual platform

The Symposium sessions are being produced and live-streamed through OnAIR, the online virtual platform.

Access to the AIRCast Studio

When your session time and date has been confirmed you will be provided with an individual access link (specific to your session) to join the OnAir studio.

Full instructions will be provided with your individual access link.



If you have any questions please reply to the emails you have been sent or contact the Symposium Managers: 

The Conference Company Ltd
Telephone (NZ): + 64 9 360 1240 E-mail: [email protected]