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Preparing for Perimenopause

Preparing for Perimenopause

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Perimenopause is not a new term.  However, it is being used  commonly in the daily vernacular and frequently with fear associated with the negative connotations of menopause.   It is a challenge to be comprehensively addressed in a 15-minute consultation, particularly when patients often have negative psychological concerns with the diagnosis and its implications.   

Perimenopause represents the time prior to the last menstrual period and can last over 10 years.  Symptoms experienced during this time are often characteristic of the menopause, but in light of the early onset are often not associated with being of a hormonal nature and are frequently met with fear.  I believe that if one understands the female physiology in menopause, perimenopause and even puberty, then the menopausal transition is made much easier for both patients and doctors.  This approach enables easier identification of symptoms, and hence management.  

We will review the underlying science, what these experiences can be like for women, and look at management plans.  We will review the salient points to address in 15 minutes, and what resources can be used to assist in the health journey.