Michelle Reiss

General Practitioner


Michelle is a General Practitioner and a Director of Life Medical Centre – an inter-disciplinary Family Practice Centre on the NSW Central Coast aimed at delivering a benchmark in patient-centred private primary care. She is also the founder of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic on the Central Coast which runs the “I Can Change Me” Lifestyle Medicine program and other peer-based programs for sustainable weight loss, prevention and reversal of chronic disease, and self-regulation for adults and children.

Michelle is a certified physician of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She acts as GP advisor on Healthy Weight to the HNECC PHN, sits on their Healthy Weight taskforce, as well as on the HNECC PHN/ CC LHD Diabetes Working Group.

Alongside her general practice experience in South Africa, Canada and Australia, she also worked many years in acute care as a Hospitalist and Emergency Physician where she experienced first-hand the significant complications caused by chronic disease.

As a Lifestyle Medicine (LM) Physician, Michelle has now turned her passion to prevention and reversal of these diseases, rather than just “management”. She is a strong advocate for LM to be recognised as a sub-speciality in primary care due to the complexities of the “Bio-Psycho-Social” aspects associated with sustainable lifestyle change. She also believes the sustainability of the LM profession itself lies in the shared medical appointment format and combining the multi-disciplines in delivering a “community of care”.