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Pharmacology in sports medicine


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1 hour
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30 January 2017
01 30 January 2020
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About this Course

There are a variety of medications that are commonly used in a sports medicine setting.

These are usually used to manage pain or in an attempt to reduce inflammation. Elite athletes may be subject to drug testing. For these athletes, doctors can be very ‘dangerous’ people as the use of many common medications can lead to a positive drug test.

Learning objectives:

  • Have an understanding of the WADA code, where to look for information about prohibited medications and understand the process by which an athlete can apply for a therapeutic use exemption.
  • Have an understanding of the common supplements used in a sports medicine setting as well as the pros and cons of their use.
  • Have an awareness of the common medications used to treat sports medicine related conditions.
  • Have an understanding of the effect that participating in sport can have on common medical conditions and their treatment.


This content was created by Dr Helen Joyce Fulcher MBChB, DipPaed, PGCertHSc (Sports Med).

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Pharmacology in sports medicine
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