Goodfellow Symposium 28 - 29 March 2020

Symposium Cancelled for 2020.

It is with regret that, after carefully considering all the information to hand, we have decided it is in everyone's best interests to cancel the Goodfellow Symposium in March 2020.

With an awareness of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we are concerned about having a significant proportion of Auckland's Primary Care community in one place at one time and mindful of the risks posed by large gatherings, we have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of all event attendees and their wider communities.  

Goodfellow Symposium 28 - 29 March 2020

Auckland's primary care CPD event, packed with Skills for Next Monday: Developed by your peers, with you in mind, and focussing on the principles of equity, stewardship and connectedness.

This symposium is tailor-made for GPs, urgent care physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and registrars.

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Pre-conference training

Networking event

Skills workshops

Extend your experience with in-depth sessions with leading experts. Make valuable connections with your peers. Keep your skills refreshed and relevant.


Rego Closed

Interviews with previous speakers


Stella Milsom

Engagement - cultural literacy

Leanne Te Karu
Prescribing Pharmacist

Engaging with our Māori patients

Lily Fraser
General Practitioner


Nagham Al Mozany
General and Colorectal Surgeon


Brian Betty
PHARMAC Deputy Medical Director Primary Care

These interviews were kindly filmed by Mobile Health.