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Achilles tendon rupture: diagnosis & treatment


Picture of Achilles tendon rupture: diagnosis & treatment
1 hour
Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedics
Publish Date
02 February 2020
01 17 August 2022
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About this Course

Tendinopathy and rupture are the two most common pathologies involving the Achilles tendon.

Patients with tendinopathy typically describe a gradual onset of pain, while ruptures are associated with an acute event.

Objectives of this course:

  • Understand the typical history associated with Achilles tendon ruptures.
  • Be able to conduct the clinical examination needed to diagnose an Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Have an awareness of the limitations of the radiological studies that can be used to assist diagnosing this injury and be able to order these appropriately (where needed).
  • Have an understanding of the different treatment options and be able to council a patient appropriately about them.
  • Be able to manage an Achilles tendon rupture non-surgically.
  • Understand the indications for referral for an orthopaedic assessment.


This content was created by Dr Helen Joyce Fulcher MBChB, DipPaed, PGCertHSc(Sports Med).

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Achilles tendon rupture: diagnosis & treatment
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