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Insomnia: diagnosis & treatment


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1 hour
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01 June 2018
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About this Course

How to effectively assess and manage a patient with insomnia, including the management of chronic insomnia disorder.

Insomnia can occur as an acute, recurrent or chronic problem. Chronic insomnia often occurs with comorbid medical or psychiatric illness (e.g. depression). Cognitive behavioural therapies are often successful in treating insomnia and comorbid conditions also need to be addressed. In some situations, both non-pharmacological and pharmacological strategies are required to manage insomnia.


The content has been developed by Dr Karen Falloon, Dr Bruce Arroll and Dr Andrew Veale on behalf of the Goodfellow Unit with input from Dr Alex Bartle and Dr Anna Clarkson. It was updated in 2018 by Dr Karen Falloon, with thanks to the Australasian Sleep Association's (GP education subcommittee) contribution to development and review.

Course Content

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Insomnia: Diagnosis & Treatment